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About Conference Venue

CASoN 2009 will take place at Barthelemy de Laffemes Campus, where different schools are located. ESIGETEL, the main organizer of the conference, is the Engineering School of Informatics and Telecommunications. It is in the ESIGETEL building that CASoN 2009 sessions and breaks will be organized. ESIGETEL is happy to welcome you for the CASoN 2009 international conference.


We have the great opportunity, that the School of French Cuisine will serve us the lunch breaks in their building, located in the Campus. French Cuisine has it reputation guaranteed at the CFA School of French Cuisine! Students of all ages are learning the secrets of French Cuisine and preparing the lunch everyday for our great pleasure. Vision and taste are together in their plates. The CFA students will become known chief of the best French restaurants. It is their creation that you will taste during the conference lunch breaks.

Travel to Barthelemy de Laffemes Campus

During the conference period, a special shuttle will be organized for the conference participants from Fontainebleau and the train station to the Campus twice in the morning and will do the return travel twice in the afternoon (the bus stations and the exact time will be online before the conference).

There is also public bus, which can take you to the Campus: Line 12 and Line B. We will put on line information on those lines on the conference website when we would be closer to the conference dates.


About Fontainebleau

A name that is famous in the entire world, a magical name that evokes for some a forest, for others a chateau… a name which still shines from its royal history. For Fontainebleau, though it no longer welcomes sovereigns as it did for so long, remains a place where life is pleasant, a place where the expression “quality of life” takes on its full meaning.
Very close to Paris, the Fontainebleau forest welcomes 13 million visitors each year. Despite this considerable number, hikers, rock-climbing or mountain-biking enthusiasts, horse riders, cyclists and Sunday walkers come here for its wild landscapes. Fontainebleau was the royal hunting residence before the first lights of the Renaissance shone here under François 1st, in the heart of the Palace which all sovereigns, right up to Napoleon III, cherished, decorated and embellished through the work of their best artists, painters, sculptors, architects,
fountainers and gardeners.

At the heart of these landscapes a city was born where side by side lived the Royal Court, His Majesty’s suppliers, the cooks for His table, and the cavalry responsible for His security and hunts.

It was among these landscapes too that, last century, the great Parisian bourgeoisie came for country stays by the forest on the shores of the Seine and the Loing, whilst young painters settled into the
neighbouring villages. They had left the capital and the studios of the official school to come and paint in the midst of nature, with their easels among trees and rocks, facing the plain of Briere’s landscapes. And in the evening, they would return to Barbizon at father Ganne’s, to Bourron Marlotte or Moret-sur-Loing.

The pictorial adventure of Barbizon and of the first impressionists such as Corot and Sisley were to open the road to a long line of artists, musicians and writers throughout the century, from Alfred de Musset to Cocteau, from Picasso to Cezanne or from Rosa Bonheur to Lalanne…

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