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SocPaR 2009

CISIM 2009

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NaBIC 2009

Submit your paper for special sessions and workshop using the link below:


List of Approved Special Sessions

Session Code Title


Session Chairs Contact Email
Applied Swarm Intelligence: A Power System Perspective

B. Panigrahi, A. Abraham and V. Snasel

Foraging-based Optimization Algorithms and

S. Das and A. Abraham

Foundation of  Nano-Computing

S. Bhanja and S. Deb

Intelligent Computing Techniques for Nanoscale Materials and Devices

P.S. Mallick and S. Deb


Computational Methods in Multimodal Biometric Authentication System


B. Chakraborty

IS06  Recent Advances in the development Particle Swarm Optimization for Global Optimization Problems


 K. Deep and M. Pant millifpt@iitr.ernet.in
IS07 Nature Inspired Computing in Computer Security


A. Zainal, S. Hashim, M. Salleh and A. Abraham anazida@utm.my
IS08 Biologically inspired techniques for Marketing and Financial Forecasting CFP G. Panda and R. Majhi ganapati.panda@gmail.com
IS09 Nature Inspired Soft Computing Techniques for Agriculture and Social Sciences CFP R. Jain, S. Marwah and A. Arora rajnijain67@gmail.com
IS10 Fusion and applications of nature inspired computing CFP S. S. Pattnaik headetv@yahoo.co.in
IS11 Applied Mathematics for Nature Inspired Computing CFP M. Darus, S. Hafizah Jaaman and S. M.Shamsuddin shj@ukm.my, mariyam@utm.my
IS12 Datamining and ontologies models, Applications and solutions CFP S. Bortoleto silvio.bortoleto@uol.com.br
IS13 Anti-disaster immune network CFP T. Gong taogong@dhu.edu.cn
IS14 Multi-Objective Swarm Intelligence: Recent Developments and Perspectives CFP S. Dehuri, S.B. Cho and M. Koeppen mkoeppen@ieee.org



Call for Special Sessions


NaBIC’09 invites proposals for special sessions to be held in conjunction with the Congress.

Special sessions provide organizers and participants with an opportunity to concentrate on focused topics in the areas related to the congress. Both the emerging research areas as well as the application issues can be targeted.

Organizers are encouraged to nominate reviewers of papers to the Program Committee on proposing special sessions. Once a special session proposal is approved it will be immediately announced on the website. Along with the publicity chairs and other members of the NaBIC’09 organization, session organizers are expected to help promoting the special sessions by their own means.


All papers are submitted through the Submission system are subjected to reviewing by the NaBIC 2009 Program Committee. Organizers, after studying  reviewers’ reports of the papers, will make recommendations to the Program Committee on acceptance. On receiving the finalized list of accepted papers from the Program Committee, the conference organizers are responsible for liaising with the authors on the submission of final papers. A minimum of 5 papers is required for each session. If a session has too few papers, accepted papers will be allocated to regular sessions.


All the accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by IEEE and fully indexed by IEEE Xplore.



Proposal Guidelines

Special session proposals should contain the necessary information for the Special Session Chairs and reviewers from the Program Committee to judge the importance, quality and community interest in the proposed topic. Each special session should have one or more designated organizers. Special session proposals should address the following issues: 

Topic of interest: Provide a full description of the proposed special session. What will the special session be about? Why should we believe this is an interesting and significant topic? 

Organizers’ biography: Please include a short academic background of the session organizer (s).

Recommended Reviewers (Optional): Organizers are encouraged to nominate reviewers for papers submitted to their special sessions. The affiliations and contacts of the reviewers should be included.

Expected number of papers and publicity: Special sessions for NaBIC'09 should consist of at least 5 papers and organizers should indicate in their proposal the expected number of papers for the session. Organizers are also expected to help promoting the special sessions by their own means and should describe how this will be done.

Submission: It is recommended to submit the special session proposals as an email attachment to the following Special Session Chairs with a copy to nabic.system@gmail.com


Dr. X. Z. Gao
Helsinki University of Technology, FINLAND

Dr. Mario Koeppen
Kyushu Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Important Dates

Special session proposals (extended): May 25, 2009
Acceptance of special sessions: May 31, 2009



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