Journal of Information Assurance and Security

Volume 4, Issue 2

  Page no.

COTraSE: Connection Oriented Traceback in Switched Ethernet
  Marios S. Andreou and Aad van Moorsel


Intelligent Agents that Monitor, Diagnose and Solve Problems:  Two Success Stories of Industry-University Collaboration 106
 Daniela Briola, Viviana Mascardi and Maurizio Martelli


Online fingerprint identification with a fast and distortion tolerant hashing 117
  Hoi Le, The Duy Bui


 Invariant Evaluation through Introspection for Proving Security Properties 124
  Fabrizio Baiardi, Dario Maggiari and Daniele Sgandurra


Dynamic Scheme for Packet Classification Using Splay Trees  133
  Nizar Ben Neji and Adel Bouhoula


 On the fly Application Flows Identification by exploiting K-Means based classifiers
  Gianluca Maiolini, Giacomo Molina, Andrea Baiocchi and Antonello Rizzi


Online Self-Organised Map Classifiers as Text Filters for Spam Email Detection 151
  Bogdan Vrusias and Ian Golledge


Developing a Security Typed Java Servlet 161
  Doaa Hassan, Sherif El- Kassas and Ibrahim Ziedan


Cross Layer Design for Routing and Security in Multi-hop Wireless Networks (Brief Paper)


  Shafiullah Khan and Kok Keong Loo and Zia Ud Din


A Text Clustering Framework for Information Retrieval 174
   Sergio Decherchi, Paolo Gastaldo, Judith Redi  and Rodolfo Zunino



On-line integration and reasoning of multi-sensor data to enhance infrastructure surveillance


  Francesco Flammini,  Andrea Gaglione,  Nicola Mazzocca, Vincenzo Moscato  and      Concetta Pragliola



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