Volume 6 -2014


Regular Papers:

Performance of Modified Iterative Decoding Algorithm for Multilevel Codes in Adaptive OFDM System
pp. 1 - 10 Full Text PDF

Decision Making For Items To Be Kept For Sale In Supermarket Using Fuzzy-Genetic Approach with Single Minimum Support Using 3-Dimensional k-means Clustering
Shaikh Nikhat Fatma , J W Bakal
pp. 11 - 22 Full Text PDF

Comparative Analysis Of ANFIS And ANN For Evaluating Inter-Agent Dependency Requirements
Vibha Gaur, Anuja Soni, Punam Bedi, S.K. Muttoo
pp. 23 - 34 Full Text PDF

Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Recommender System for Predicting College Admission
Abdul Hamid M. Ragab, Abdul Fatah S. Mashat, Ahmed M. Khedra
pp. 35 - 44 Full Text PDF

A Bioinspired Proposal of Clustering Around Medoids with Variable Neighborhood Structures
María Beatríz Bernábe Loranca, Rogelio GonzálezVelázquez, Elías Olivares Benítez, Javier Ramírez Rodríguez and Martín Estrada Analco
pp. 45 - 54 Full Text PDF

Two Way Concurrent Buffer System without Deadlock in Various Time Models Using Timed Automata
Rohit Mishra, Md Zeeshaan and Sanjay Singh
pp. 55 - 65 Full Text PDF

An FPGA Implementation of 1553 Protocol Controller
Jemti Jose
pp. 66 - 76 Full Text PDF

Towards the Improvement of Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Ms. Hetal R. Soneji and Mr. Rajesh C. Sanghvi
pp. 77 - 88 Full Text PDF

A Meta-Ontology for Modeling Fuzzy Ontologies and its Use in Classification Tasks based on Fuzzy Rules
Cristiane A. Yaguinuma, Marilde T. P. Santos, Heloisa A. Camargo, M. C. Nicoletti1 and Tatiane M. Nogueira
pp. 89 - 101 Full Text PDF

Displaying Genealogy with Various Layouts by Using the WHIteBasE
Seiji Sugiyama, Atsushi Ikuta, Daisuke Yokozawa, Miyuki Shibata and Tohru Matsuura
pp. 102 - 115 Full Text PDF

Characterizing and Preventing Chargebacks in Web Payment Services
Evandro Caldeira, Gabriel Brand˜ao and Adriano C. M. Pereira
pp. 116 - 125 Full Text PDF

Finger Nail Plate: A New Biometric Identifier
Shruti Garg, Amioy Kumar, and M. Hanmandlu
pp. 126 - 138 Full Text PDF

Viral Marketing in an Online Discussion Forum
Shrihari A. Hudli, Aditi A. Hudli and Anand V. Hudli
pp. 139 - 149 Full Text PDF

Adebayo, Kolawole John, Onifade, Olufade F. Williams and Yisa, Fatai Idowu
pp. 150 - 159 Full Text PDF

SPIM: An Integrated Model of Software Project Management and Organizational Workflows
Maurício Covolan Rosito and Ricardo Melo Bastos
pp. 160 - 170 Full Text PDF

A Droplet Clustering and Residue Removal Technique for Cross-contamination Avoidance in Digital Microfluidic Biochip
Indrajit Pan and Tuhina Samanta
pp. 171 - 183 Full Text PDF

Quantitative Deciphering of Pre-Mature and Pattern Recognition of Mature Mirnas using Some Statistical Parameters
Joyshree Nath, Asoke Nath
pp. 184 - 195 Full Text PDF

Signalized Traffic Intersections Control with Uncertainties Over Lossy Networks
Magdi S. Mahmoud, Faisal A. Al-Nasser, Fouad M. AL-Sunni
pp. 196 - 205 Full Text PDF

Automated Testing of Web Services System Based on OWL-S
Xi Xu and Shawkat Hasan Shafin
pp. 206 - 216 Full Text PDF

Social Behaviour based Metrics to enhance Collaborative Filtering
Hema Banati, Shikha Mehta and Monika Bajaj
pp. 217 - 226 Full Text PDF

Domain Ontology Based Class Diagram Generation From Functional Requirements
Jyothilakshmi M S and Philip Samuel
pp. 227 - 236 Full Text PDF

Automated Feature Extraction of Epileptic EEG Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Approximate Entropy
Kirti Kale and J. P. Gawande
pp. 237 - 247 Full Text PDF

Goal Based Requirements Analysis Using WebURN
Shailey Chawla, Sangeeta Srivastava and Deepak Malhotra
pp. 248 - 256 Full Text PDF

Impact of Data Normalization on Stock Index Forecasting
S. C. Nayak, B. B. Misra and H. S. Behera
pp. 257 - 269 Full Text PDF

BPEL-TC : Orchestration of Temporally Customized Web Services
Preeti Marwaha, Hema Banati and Punam Bedi
pp. 270 - 278 Full Text PDF

Semantic User Profiling for News Domain
Shikha Agarwal and Archana Singhal
pp. 279 - 293 Full Text PDF

Translation of Behavioral Models to Java Code and Enhance With State Charts
Sunitha E.V, Philip Samue
pp. 294 - 304 Full Text PDF

Graph Centrality Analysis of Structural Ankyrin Repeats
Broto Chakrabarty and Nita Parekh
pp. 305 - 314 Full Text PDF

CUDA Code Support in Multiagent Platform JADE
Luk´aˇs Zaor´alek and Petr Gajdoˇs
pp. 323 - 332 Full Text PDF

Fast Dual Selection using Genetic Algorithms for Large Data Sets
Frédéric Ros, Rachid Harba and Marco Pintore
pp. 333 - 345 Full Text PDF

Qualitative Directions in Egocentric and Allocentric Spatial Reference Frames
Rupam Baruah and Shyamanta M Hazarika
pp. 344 - 354 Full Text PDF

Delay Modelling of On-Chip RC Global VLSI Interconnect for Step Input
Rahul Singh Bhadauria, V. Maheshwari, R. Kar, D. Mandal, A.K.Bhattacharjee
pp. 355 - 363 Full Text PDF

Best-Order Crossover in an Evolutionary Approach to Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
Anca Andreica and Camelia Chira
pp. 364 - 372 Full Text PDF

Sport Skill Analysis with Time Series Data
Toshiyuki MAEDA, Masanori FUJII, Isao HAYASHI, and Masumi YAJIMA
pp. 373 - 380 Full Text PDF

A Quantitative Assessment of PET Brain Image Reconstruction using MAP and Neural Network based Segmentation of CG Algorithm
T.Arunprasath, M.Pallikonda Rajasekaran and S.Kannan
pp. 381 - 390  Full Text PDF

Input-Output Stability Of Neural Network With Hysteresis
G.Padmavathi ,J.Neelima, P.V.Siva Kumar,G.V.Deepika
pp. 391 - 403  Full Text PDF

Modeling and Analysis of Bus Scheduling Systems of Urban Public Bus Transport
Eshetie Berhan, Dejene Mengistu, Berhanu Beshah and Daniel Kitaw
pp. 404 - 412  Full Text PDF

QoS Enhancement Techniques for Efficient VoIP Performance in Cognitive Radio Network
Tamal Chakraborty, Iti Saha Misra and Salil Kumar Sanyal
pp. 413 - 426  Full Text PDF

An Efficient Weighted Median Filter for the Restoration of Images Corrupted by Random Valued Impulse Noise
Justin Varghese, Saudia Subash, Mohamed Samiulla Khan, Mohammed Ghouse, Omer Bin Hussain, and R. Lotus
pp. 427 - 436  Full Text PDF

A Study on Ranking of Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
P.K. De, Debaroti Das
pp. 437 - 444  Full Text PDF

A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach to Evaluate the Designing Perspective of Protein-Protein Interaction Network
Archana Chowdhury, Amit Konar , Pratyusha Rakshit, Atulya K. Nagar
pp. 445 - 465  Full Text PDF

Grid Scheduling Heuristic methods : State-of-the-Art
Rajni Aron, Indreveer Chana
pp. 466 - 473  Full Text PDF

A Methodology for Traffic Shaping Optimization in Next Generation Networks
Ulisses Cavalca, Caio Mesquita, Adriano C. M. Pereira and Eduardo G. Carrano
pp. 474 - 483  Full Text PDF

Distributed Learning Automata based Algorithm for Solving Maximum Clique Problem in Stochastic Graphs
Mohammad Soleimani-Pouri , Alireza Rezvanian and Mohammad Reza Meybodi
pp. 484 - 493  Full Text PDF

Development of An External Cluster Validity Index using Probabilistic Approach and Min-max Distance
Abhay Kumar Alok, Sriparna Saha , Asif Ekbal
pp. 494 - 504  Full Text PDF

Governance of Service-Oriented Architecture through the CommonGov Approach
Haroldo Maria Teixeira Filho and Leonardo Guerreiro Azevedo
pp. 505 - 514  Full Text PDF

Refinement of Group Recommendations Using User Preferences and Item Attributes
Harita Mehta, Veer Sain Dixit and Punam Bedi
pp. 515 - 527  Full Text PDF

Structural And Statistical Feature Based Multistage Recognition Approach for Handwritten Devanagari Script Recognition
Vijaya Rahul Pawar, Arun Natha Gaikwad
pp. 528 - 534 Full Text PDF

Web-based and Mobile Oriented Herbal Information System in Nigeria
Ogirima Sanni Abubakar Omuya, Olabiyisi Stephen Olatunde, Omidiora Elijah Olusayo Okediran, Oladotun Olusola and Awode Tolulope Reuben
pp. 535 - 548 Full Text PDF

Semantic Place Labeling Using a Probabilistic Decision List of AdaBoost Classifiers
Symone G. Soares and Rui Araújo
pp. 548 - 559 Full Text PDF

Access Control Policies for Traceability Information Systems
Miguel L. Pardal, Mark Harrison, Sanjay Sarma, and Jose Alves Marques
pp. 560 - 570 Full Text PDF

A Methodology for Designing Robust Central/Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems
Yaser Chaaban
pp. 571 - 581 Full Text PDF

A Framework for e-Government Interoperability in Indian Perspective
Anu Paul and Varghese Paul
pp. 582 - 591 Full Text PDF

Interactions of Transcription Factors in HLA Class I Transcriptosome
Bishwajit Das, Durjoy Majumder
pp. 592 - 602 Full Text PDF

BBO Algorithms with Graded Emigration for Yagi-Uda Antenna Design Optimization for Maximal Gain
Shelja Tayal, Satvir Singh and Gagan Sachdeva
pp. 603 - 614 Full Text PDF

A novel approach to resolve the Dynamic Discrete Berth Allocation Problem in a Container Terminal
Sami Mnasri and Nejah Nasri
pp. 615 - 625 Full Text PDF

Suitability of Artificial Neural Network to Text Document Summarization in the Indian Language-Kannada
Jayashree R, Srikanta Murthy K, Basavaraj.S.Anami
pp. 626 - 634 Full Text PDF

G–BAM: A Generalized Bandwidth Allocation Model for IP/MPLS/DS-TE Networks
Rafael Freitas Reale, Romildo Martins da S. Bezerra, and Joberto S. B. Martins
pp. 635 - 643 Full Text PDF

Hybrid Statistical Feature Extraction Method LPB – EDMS for Shape Recognition Dataset
Mohammed Ahmed Talab and Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah
pp. 644 - 652 Full Text PDF