Volume 5 -2013


Regular Papers:

A Retinex theory based points sampling method
Yitian Zhao, Yonghuai Liu, Ran Song and Min Zhang
pp. 1 - 10 Full Text PDF

Reliable P2P Content Delivery for Alternative Business Models
H. Castro, A. P. Alves and M. T. Andrade
pp. 11 - 29 Full Text PDF

Test case design for transactional flows using a dependency-based approach
Rubén Casado, Javier Tuya, Claude Godart and Muhammad Younas
pp. 30 - 40 Full Text PDF

Analysis of the implementation of wiki-based platforms in university education
Juan Ortega-Valiente, Antonio J. Reinoso and Rocío Mu?oz-Mansilla
pp. 41 - 49 Full Text PDF

Towards the Evolution of Publish/Subscribe Internetworking Mechanisms with PSIRP
Augusto Morales Dominguez, Oscar Novo, WalterWong and Ramon Alcarria
pp. 50 - 59 Full Text PDF

On the Development of Browser Games - Current Technologies and the Future
Juha-Matti Vanhatupa
pp. 60 - 68 Full Text PDF

Adding Meaning to Social Network Microposts via Multiple Named Entity Disambiguation APIs and Tracking Their Data Provenance
Thomas Steiner, Ruben Verborgh, Joaquim Gabarro, and Rik Van de Walle
pp. 69 - 78 Full Text PDF

Hyponymy-Based Peculiar Image Retrieval
Shun Hattori
pp. 79 - 88 Full Text PDF

Geographic Information Retrieval and Visualization of Online Unstructured Documents
Rocío Abascal-Mena, Erick López-Ornelas and J. Sergio Zepeda
pp. 89 - 97 Full Text PDF

Efficient cubic spline interpolation implemented with FIR filters
Lluís Ferrer-Arnau, Ramón Reig-Bola?o, Pere Marti-Puig, Amàlia Manjabacas, Vicen? Parisi-Baradad
pp. 98 - 105 Full Text PDF

Fault Tree Analysis Speed-up with GPU Parallel Computing
Hadi Aghassi and Farrokh Aghassi
pp. 106 - 114 Full Text PDF

Lifelog Data Model and Management: Study on Research Challenges
Pil Ho Kim and Fausto Giunchiglia
pp. 115 - 125 Full Text PDF

Fuzz-Web: A Methodology Based on Fuzzy Logic for Assessing Web Sites
Rim Rekik and Ilhem Kallel
pp. 126 - 136 Full Text PDF

Introducing a Generic Concept for an Online IT-Benchmarking System
Pujan Ziaie, Markus Ziller, Jan Wollersheim and Helmut Krcmar
pp. 137 - 150 Full Text PDF

Model-driven Security: from Theory to Application
Zhendong Ma, ChristianWagner, RobertWoitsch, Florian Skopik, and Thomas Bleier
pp. 151 - 158 Full Text PDF

Near Neighbor Distribution in Sets of Fractal Nature
Marcel Jiina
pp. 159 - 166 Full Text PDF

Modifications and Development of Stereo Correspondence Algorithms for the Passive Optoelectronic Rangefinder
Vladimir Cech and Jiri Jevicky
pp. 167 - 176 Full Text PDF

Context Based Automated Image Selector for Articles using Text Illustrator
Ravindra Koggalage, Savindhi Samaraweera
pp. 177 - 184 Full Text PDF

The use of Domain Ontologies for Improving the Adaptability and Collaborative Ability of a Web Dialogue System
Marta Gatius and Meritxell González
pp. 185 - 194 Full Text PDF

Business Model of Long-term Browser-based Games - Income without Game Packages
Juha-Matti Vanhatupa
pp. 195 - 202 Full Text PDF

A Framework for Process and Performance Management in Service Oriented Virtual Organizations
Mohammad H. Danesh, Bijan Raahemi, S.M.Amin Kamali and Greg Richards
pp. 203 - 215 Full Text PDF

Adaptation of a deep learning machine to real world data
Ahmad A. Al Sallab and Mohsen A. Rashwan
pp. 216 - 226 Full Text PDF

Toward Next Generation E-Marketplace for Small Business
Youssef Iguider and Hiroyoshi Morita
pp. 227 - 234 Full Text PDF

An Improvement of Type-2 Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Visual Fire Detection
Ha Dai Duong, Dzung Dinh Nguyen, Long Thanh Ngo, Dao Thanh Tinh
pp. 235 - 242 Full Text PDF

Personalization on E-Content Retrieval Based on Semantic Web Services
A.B. Gil, S. Rodríguez, F. de la Prieta and De Paz J.F.
pp. 243-251 Full Text PDF

Fault Diagnosis in Body Sensor Networks
Arunanshu Mahapatro and Pabitra Mohan Khilar
pp. 252 - 259 Full Text PDF

Comprehensive Analysis of Hierarchical Aggregation Functions Decision Trees, SVD, K-means Clustering, PCA and Rule Based AI Optimization in the Classification of Fuzzy based Epilepsy Risk Levels from EEG Signals
.Harikumar, T.Vijayakumar
pp. 260-268 Full Text PDF

Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling in Heterogeneous SANET Environments
Matthias Vodel, Mirko Lippmann and Wolfram Hardt
pp. 269-277 Full Text PDF

Group Preference-based Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization with Non-Equally Important Decision Makers: Application to the Portfolio Selection Problem
Slim Bechikh, Lamjed Ben Said and Khaled Ghédira
pp. 278-288 Full Text PDF

Improvisation of Learner’s Ability using Adaptive Online Assessment Methodology
Uday Kumar Mothukuri, Swathi Murukutla, Sandesh Jain and Dhanander K Jain
pp. 289 - 296 Full Text PDF

Handwriting Process Modelling by Artificial Neural Networks
Mohamed Aymen SLIM, Afef ABDELKRIM and Mohamed BENREJEB
pp. 297 - 307 Full Text PDF

Cross Entropy Optimization for Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks
A. Shibu and M. Janga Reddy
pp. 308 - 316 Full Text PDF

Search Graph Formulation and Hasting’s Generalization of Metropolis Algorithm For Solving SVP
Ajitha Shenoy K B, Somenath Biswas and Piyush P Kurur
pp. 317 - 325 Full Text PDF

Community Knowledge-based Design Patent Map System with Efficient Dissimilarity Visualization Engine: Design, Performance, and Applications
Rain Chen, Chao-Chun Chen, and Ting-Ting Dai
pp. 326 - 336 Full Text PDF

A Fast and Novel Skew Estimation Approach using Radon Transform
Prakash K Aithal, Rajesh G, U Dinesh Acharya and Siddalingaswamy P. C
pp. 337 - 344 Full Text PDF

Human Activity Monitoring with Wearable Sensors and Hybrid Classifiers
Gamze Uslu, H.Ibrahim Dursunoglu, Ozgur Altun and Sebnem Baydere
pp. 345 - 353 Full Text PDF

Aspect-oriented Trust Based Mobile Recommender System
Punam Bedi and Sumit Kumar Agarwal
pp. 354 - 364 Full Text PDF

Evolutionary Spiking Neural Networks as Racing Car Controllers
Elias E. Yee and Jason Teo
pp. 365 - 372 Full Text PDF

Consolidation of Fingerprint Databases: Challenges and Solutions in the Malaysian context
Chiung Ching Ho, C. Eswaran
pp. 373 - 382 Full Text PDF

Intelligent Agent based Student-Staff Scheduling System
Dwayne Parchment, Suresh Sankaranarayanan
pp. 383 - 404 Full Text PDF

Filter Bank Approach to Critical Cardiac Abnormalities Detection using ECG data under Fuzzy Classification
Uvais Qidwai , Mohammed Shakir
pp. 405 - 412 Full Text PDF

Prediction of Petroleum Reservoir Properties using Different Versions of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Hybrid Models
Fatai A. Anifowose, Jane Labadin and Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
pp. 413 - 426 Full Text PDF

Data Mining and Wireless Sensor Network for Groundnut Pest/Disease Interaction and Predictions - A Preliminary Study
A. K. Tripathy, J. Adinarayana, D. Sudharsan, K. Vijayalakshmi, S. N. Merchant, U. B. Desai
pp. 427-436 Full Text PDF

Link Distance Link Cost Link Error Based Energy Efficient Cross Layer Reliable Routing for Wireless Sensor Network
Kanojia Sindhuben Babulal
pp. 437 - 444 Full Text PDF

Design Coordination Using Cloud-based Smart Building Element Models
Anil Sawhney and J. Uma Maheswari
pp. 445 - 453 Full Text PDF

A Statistical Feature-Based Approach for Operations Recognition in Drilling Time Series
Bilal Esmael, Arghad Arnaout, Rudolf K. Fruhwirth and Gerhard Thonhauser
pp. 454 - 461 Full Text PDF

Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy-Rough Based Dimensionality Reduction Applied On Real Valued Dataset
Moumita Saha, Jaya Sil1 and Nandita Sengupta
pp. 462 - 471 Full Text PDF

Fuzzy-DDE: a fuzzy method for the extraction of document cluster descriptors
Tatiane M. Nogueira, Heloisa A. Camargo and Solange O. Rezende
pp. 472 - 479 Full Text PDF

Modeling and Simulation of Working Process of Marine Diesel Engine with a Comprehensive Method
Cao Hui, Wu Peili and Zhang Jundong
pp. 480 - 487 Full Text PDF

QoS4WSC: A Framework for Web Services Composition based on QoS constraints
Bassirou Gueye, Ibrahima Niang, Bamba Gueye and Mohamed Ould Deye
pp. 488 - 498 Full Text PDF

Toward ontology-based personalization of a Recommender System in social network
Hubert Kadima, Maria Malek
pp. 499 - 508 Full Text PDF

Supervised and Unsupervised Text Classification via Generic Summarization
Dmitry Tsarev, Mikhail Petrovskiy and Igor Mashechkin
pp. 509 - 515 Full Text PDF

HMM Causal Topology Design for View Independent Posture Recognition
Yunli Lee, Chee Meng Mak and Yong Haur Tay
pp. 516 - 523 Full Text PDF

Providing an Effective Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Distance Measures and Neighbors' Voting
Gilda Moradi Dakhel, Mehregan Mahdavi
pp. 524 - 531 Full Text PDF

Gene Expression Data Clustering using a Fuzzy Link based Approach
Rosy Sarmah
pp. 532 - 541 Full Text PDF

Ontology Exemplification and Modeling for aSPOCMS in the Semantic Web
Sanjay K. Dwivedi and Anand Kumar
pp. 542 - 549 Full Text PDF

Neuromotor Rehabilitation System with Real-Time Biofeedback
Yee Mon Aung and Adel Al-Jumaily
pp. 550 - 556 Full Text PDF

Network Traffic Monitoring and Control for Multi core processors in cloud computing applications
A.S.Radhamani, E.Baburaj
pp. 557 - 563 Full Text PDF

Code Clones in Program Test Sequence Identification
Anupama Surendran, Philip Samuel and K. Poulose Jacob
pp. 564 - 570 Full Text PDF

A New Particle Swarm Evolutionary Optimization for Parameter Estimation of Biological Models
Afnizanfaizal Abdullah, Safaai Deris, Mohd Saberi Mohamad and Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim
pp. 571 - 580 Full Text PDF

Secure Auditing and e-Commerce
N. Antequera, R. Garcia-Rubio and J.A. Lopez-Ramos
pp. 581 - 588 Full Text PDF

On the Class of T-Direct Codes Over GF(2N)
pp. 589 - 596 Full Text PDF

PSO and ABC based Novel Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Techniques for Wi-MAX Uplink Transmissions
Fahad M. Al-Humaidan, Rahoof P. P. and Sameer S. M.
pp. 597 - 605 Full Text PDF

Wavelet and Curvelet Analysis for Automatic Identification of Melanoma Based on Neural Network Classification
Md. Khaled Abu Mahmoud, Adel Al-Jumaily, Maen Takruri
pp. 606 - 614 Full Text PDF

Advertisements Using Two Conflicting Objectives The Layout Optimization of Newssite-inserted
Maki Sakamoto and Keiki Takadama
pp. 615 - 622 Full Text PDF

Optimization of Brazil-Nuts Classification Process through Automation using Colour Spaces in Computer Vision
Sonia Castelo-Quispe, July Diana Banda-Tapia, M′ onika N. L′ opez-Paredes, Dennis Barrios-Aranibar and Raquel Pati ? no-Escarcina
pp. 623 - 630 Full Text PDF

Bio-molecular Event Extraction using A GA based Classifier Ensemble Technique
Asif Ekbal , Sriparna Saha , Md. Hasanuzzaman and Amit Majumder
pp. 631 - 641 Full Text PDF

Web Service Based Model for Inter-agent Communication in Multi-Agent Systems: A Case Study
Sachini S. Weerawardhana and Gaya B. Jayatilleke
pp. 642 - 651 Full Text PDF

Video Watermarking Techniques for Copyright protection and Content Authentication
Hamid Shojanazeri, Wan Azizun Wan Adnan, Sharifah Mumtadzah Syed Ahmad
pp. 652 - 660 Full Text PDF

A Framework of Modified Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Engine (MAFIE) and Its Application
J. Hossen, S. Sayeed, I. Yusof and S.M.A. Kalaiarasi
pp. 662 - 670 Full Text PDF

Observation-based Fine Grained Access Control of Data
Raju Halder and Agostino Cortesi
pp. 671 - 684 Full Text PDF

Generic Service Patterns and Navigational Access Structures for Web-Enabled Public Healthcare
Marina Nazih , Ghada Alaa
pp. 685 - 695 Full Text PDF

Features Extraction of Arabic Calligraphy using extended Triangle Model for Digital Jawi Paleography Analysis
Mohd Sanusi Azmi , Khairuddin Omar , Mohammad Faidzul Nasrudin , Azah Kamilah Muda , Azizi Abdullah and Khadijah Wan Mohd Ghazali
pp. 696 - 703 Full Text PDF

Measuring Performance of Algorithms in Dynamic Environement
Ramoza Ahsan, Waseem Shahzad
pp. 704 - 713 Full Text PDF

Integration Mechanisms in e-learning Platforms
Francisco Huertas and Antonio Navarro
pp. 714 - 721 Full Text PDF

Performance Analysis on Public Bus Transport of the City of Addis Ababa
Eshetie Berhan, Birhanu Beshah, Daniel Kitaw
pp. 722 - 728 Full Text PDF

Computational Modeling of Crude Oil Price Forecasting: A Review of Two Decades of Research
Lubna A Gabralla and Ajith Abraham
pp. 729 - 740 Full Text PDF

A Review of Ambient Intelligence Assisted Healthcare Monitoring
Abdelhamid Salih, Mohamed Salih, and Ajith Abraham
pp. 741 - 750 Full Text PDF