Volume 3 - 2011


Regular Papers:

Occlusion Resilient Quality Evaluation of Cuminum cyminum L (Cumin Seeds)
Using Machine Vision

Kavindra R Jain, Chintan K Modi and Jalpa J.Patel
pp. 1–8 Full Text PDF

Design and Implementation of Zero-Copy for Linux
Liu Tianhua, Zhu Hongfeng, Liu Jie and Zhou Chuansheng
pp. 9–18 Full Text PDF

Morphological Analysis and Reconstruction for Computed Tomography
V.E. Asadchikov, A.I. Chulichkov, A.V. Buzmakov, M.V. Chukalina, D.P. Nikolaev,
R.A. Senin and G. Schaefer
pp. 19–25 Full Text PDF

Segmentation of Infrared Images and Objectives Detection Using Maximum Entropy Method Based on the Bee Algorithm
Milad Azarbad1, Attaollah Ebrahimzade and Vahid Izadian
pp. 26–33 Full Text PDF

Selecting the Most Favourable Edge Detection Technique for Liquid Level Inspection in Bottles
Kunal J Pithadiya, Chintan K Modi and Jayesh D Chauhan
pp. 34–44 Full Text PDF

Intelligent Circular Patch Antenna for Wireless Applicationss
Adnane LATIF
pp. 45–50 Full Text PDF

Interior Point Method based Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithm with Quadaratic
Search for Nonlinear Optimization
Hassan A. Bashir and Ximing Liang
pp.51–60 Full Text PDF

Anomaly, Novelty, One-Class Classification: A Comprehensive Introduction
Anna M. Bartkowiak
pp. 61–71 Full Text PDF

Intelligent Bio-Inspired System for Manufacturing Scheduling under Uncertainties
Ana Madureira1 and Ivo Pereira
pp. 72–79 Full Text PDF

A Model of Synaptic Formation Between Neurons in a Network
Luciana Morogan
pp. 80–87 Full Text PDF

Tandem MLNs based Phonetic Feature Extraction for Phoneme Recognition
Mohammed Rokibul Alam Kotwal, Foyzul Hassan, Ghulam Muhammad and Mohammad Nurul Huda
pp. 88–95 Full Text PDF

Using Different Many-Objective Techniques in Particle Swarm Optimization for Many Objective Problems: An Empirical Study
Andre B. de Carvalho and Aurora Pozo
pp. 96–107 Full Text PDF

Developing JSG Framework and Applications in COMGIS Project
Le Hoang Son, Pham Huy Thong, Nguyen Duy Linh, Truong Chi Cuong and Nguyen Dinh Hoa
pp. 108–118 Full Text PDF

The SQL-Based Geospatial Web Processing Service
Soravis Supavetch and Sanphet Chunithipaisan
pp. 119–126 Full Text PDF

Implementation of Graph Semantic Based Multidimensional Data Model: An Object Relational Approach
Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki and Swapan Bhattacharya
pp. 127–136 Full Text PDF

An Efficient Method for Relating Various Human Impressions to Physical Features
Masahiro Sawai, Yoshifumi Okada and Tomomasa Nagashima
pp. 137–142 Full Text PDF

Multiple Observer Siting in Huge Terrains Stored in External Memory
Salles V. G. Magalh˜aes, Marcus V. A.Andrade and W. Randolph Franklin
pp. 143–149 Full Text PDF

Skull Stripping Magnetic Resonance Images Brain Images: Region Growing versus Mathematical Morphology
Rosniza Roslan, Nursuriati Jamil and Rozi Mahmud
pp. 150–158 Full Text PDF

Audio Classification Based on Closed Itemset Mining Algorithm
Yoshifumi Okada, Takahiro Tada, Kentaro Fukuta and Tomomasa Nagashima
pp. 159–164 Full Text PDF

MinEDec: a Decision-Support Model That Combines Text-Mining Technologies with Two
Competitive Intelligence Analysis Methods

Yue Dai, Tuomo Kakkonen, Erkki Sutinen
pp. 165–173 Full Text PDF

Security of Biometric Authentication Systems
Vashek Matyáš , Zdeněk Říha
pp. 174–184 Full Text PDF

Robotics Modules with Realtime Adaptive Topology
Pitoyo Hartono and Aito Nakane
pp. 185–192 Full Text PDF

A Hybrid Approach for IEEE 802.11 Intrusion Detection Based on AIS, MAS and Naïve Bayes
Moisés Danziger, Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto
pp. 193–201 Full Text PDF

Building Distributed Soft Sensors
S. G. Soares, T. B. Takáo, A. F. da Rocha, R. A. de M. Araújo and T. M. G. de A. Barbosa
pp. 202–209 Full Text PDF

Fuzzy Rules for Document Classification to Improve Information Retrieval
Tatiane M. Nogueira, Heloisa A. Camargo and Solange O. Rezende
pp. 210–217 Full Text PDF

A Comparative Analysis of Classification Methods to Multi-label Tasks in Different Application Domains
Araken M Santos, Anne M P Canuto and Antonino Feitosa Neto
pp. 218–227 Full Text PDF

Context Protecting Privacy Preservation in Ubiquitous Computing
Arijit Ukil
pp. 228–235 Full Text PDF

Investigation on Relations Between Complex Networks and Evolutionary Algorithm Dynamics
Ivan Zelinka, Donald Davendra
pp. 236–247 Full Text PDF

Improving Protein Docking Using Sustainable Genetic Algorithms
Emrah Atilgan, Jianjun Hu
pp. 248–255 Full Text PDF

A Novel Gene Analysis Method for Biomarker Mining in DNA Microarray Data
Kentaro Fukuta, Tomomasa Nagashima, Takashi Uozumi and Yoshifumi Okada
pp. 256–263 Full Text PDF

Media Biotope: Media Designing Analogous with Biotope
Hidetsugu Suto
pp. 264–270 Full Text PDF

A Study on Wormhole Attacks in MANET
Reshmi Maulik and Nabendu Chaki
pp. 271–279 Full Text PDF

A Study of an Event Oriented Data Management Method for Displaying Genealogy: Widespread Hands to InTErconnect BASic Elements(WHIteBasE)
Seiji Sugiyama, Atsushi Ikuta, Miyuki Shibata and Tohru Matsuura
pp. 280–289 Full Text PDF

A Generic Evaluation Framework for Knowledge-Based Infrastructures:Design and Applications
Juan José Bosch Vicente, Fanny Klett (IEEE Fellow)
pp. 290–297 Full Text PDF

ANFIS Tuned No-Reference Quality Prediction of Distorted/Decompressed Images featuring Wavelet Entropy
Indrajit De, Jaya Sil
pp. 298–305 Full Text PDF

A Molecular Algorithm for Longest Path Problem
H.Ahrabian, M.Ganjtabesh and A. Nowzari-Dalini
pp. 306–313 Full Text PDF

Generation and Interpretation of Temporal Decision Rules
Kamran Karimi and Howard J. Hamilton
pp. 314–323 Full Text PDF

A Reinforcement-based Mechanism to Select Features for Classifiers in Ensemble Systems
Anne M P Canuto, Karliane M O Vale and Antonino Feitosa
pp. 324–335 Full Text PDF

A Short-Term Bus Load Forecasting System
Ricardo Menezes Salgado, Takaaki Ohishi and Rosangela Ballini
pp. 336–346 Full Text PDF

Analysis and Design of Microstrip High Pass Filters Using Artificial Neural Network
Vivek Singh Kushwah, Fanindra Mohan Sharma , G.S. Tomar
pp. 347–354 Full Text PDF

GPUMLib: An Efficient Open-Source GPU Machine Learning Library
Noel Lopes and Bernardete Ribeiro
pp. 355–362 Full Text PDF

An Efficient Algorithm for Detection of Selfish Packet Dropping Nodes in Wireless Mesh Networks
Jaydip Sen
pp. 363–370 Full Text PDF

A Novel Approach to Predict Earthquakes using Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Conservation of Energy-Angular Momentum
Murad Shibli
pp. 371–390 Full Text PDF

Implementation and Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers for Information Security Risk Analysis of a Human Resources Department
Mete Eminagaoglu, Saban Eren
pp. 391–398 Full Text PDF

Construction of Graphical Models for Temporary Application of Facial Packs
Junichiro Wakatsuki, Takaaki Saito, Ali Abrishamian, Makiba Sakamoto and Takashi Uozumi
pp. 399–406 Full Text PDF

Probabilistic Spreading of Information in a Spatial Network
Krzysztof Malarz, Vikas Chandra, Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Krzysztof Kułakowski
pp. 407–414 Full Text PDF

E-Learning Success in Action! From Case Study Research to the creation of the Cybernetic e-Learning Management Model
Bernd Hilgarth
pp. 415–426 Full Text PDF

Interactive 3D Graphs for Web - based Social Networking Platforms
Nikita Mattar and Thies Pfeiffer
pp. 427–434 Full Text PDF

Development of a Mobile Information Display System for UAS Operations in North Dakota
Ronald Marsh, Kirk Ogaard, Micah Kary, John Nordlie and Chris Theisen
pp. 435–443 Full Text PDF

Programming of Human-Computer Interactions in Development of Software Intensive Systems
Petr Sosnin
pp. 444–452 Full Text PDF

A Requirement Framework for Automatic Generation of Domain Model to Physical Level Implementation
Abhijit Sanyal, Soumya Sankar Basu and Sankhayan Choudhury
pp. 453–461 Full Text PDF

CASMAS-WOAD to Achieve Integrated Care and Coordination among Heterogeneous Care Communities
Federico Cabitza , Marco P. Locatelli and Carla Simone
pp. 462–471 Full Text PDF

Consideration for Cognitive Preferences to Enhance Effective HCI in Online Exhibits
Asmidah Alwi and Elspeth McKay
pp. 472–479 Full Text PDF

Autostereoscopy and Motion Parallax for Mobile Computer Games Using Commercially Available Hardware
Jens Ogniewski, Ingemar Ragnemalm
pp. 480–488 Full Text PDF

Designing Technology to Support Empathy for Rural Community
Romiza Md Nor and Dr Ralf Muhlberger
pp. 489–497 Full Text PDF

ArSLAT: Arabic Sign Language Alphabets Translator
Nashwa El-Bendary, Hossam M. Zawbaa, Mahmoud S. Daoud,
Aboul Ella Hassanien, and Kazumi Nakamatsu
pp. 498–506 Full Text PDF

Mobility Management in Ambient Networks: Performance Optimization of Homogeneous Wireless Network
Abdessadeq Fettouh, Najib El Kamoun, Adnane Latif, Abdelaziz El Fazziki
pp. 507–513 Full Text PDF

Interactive 3D Visualization of a Large University Campus over the Web
Eduardo Vendrell and Carlos Sánchez
pp. 514–521 Full Text PDF

Simultaneous Application of Graphs and Heightmaps for Enhanced Spatial Analysis
Vitaly Zabiniako and Pavel Rusakov
pp. 522–529 Full Text PDF

Reusing Patterns for Indexing and Communicating Knowledge and Insight
Wah-Sui Almberg and Harald Kjellin
pp. 530–538 Full Text PDF

Business Model Change Due to ICT Integration: An Application to the Entertainment Industry
Konstantinos Sakellaridis and Emmanouil Stiakakis
pp. 539–551 Full Text PDF

Developing an Instrument of Assessment for ICT Literacy for Trainee Teachers: Preliminary Findings
Jessnor Elmy Mat-jizat and Elspeth McKay
pp. 552–559 Full Text PDF

An E-Collaboration New Vision and Its Effects on Performance Evaluation
Raoudha CHEBIL , Wided LEJOUAD CHAARI and Stefano A. CERRI
pp. 560–567 Full Text PDF

A Repartition Structure for Collision Detection and Deformation of Discrete Objects Based on 3D Wavelets
Xavier Heurtebise and Sébastien Thon
pp. 568–577 Full Text PDF

Effectiveness of Paper, VR and Stereo-VR in the Delivery of Instructions for Assembly Tasks
John Strobel, Guy W. Zimmerman
pp. 578–585 Full Text PDF

Database Technology Analysis for the Support or Instant Information Retrieval
Milena Janakova
pp. 586–593 Full Text PDF

Implications for Learning Analytics Tools: A Meta-Analysis of Applied Research Questions
Anna L. Dyckhoff
pp. 594–601 Full Text PDF

Development of an Educational Spatial Game using an Augmented Reality Authoring Tool
Claudio Kirner and Tereza G. Kirner
pp. 602–611 Full Text PDF

An e-Process Selection Meta-Model using four Decision Making processes
Frina Albertyn
pp. 612–622 Full Text PDF

TrAVis to Enhance Students’ Self-monitoring in Online Learning Supported by Computer-Mediated Communication Tools
Madeth May, Sébastien George and Patrick Prévôt
pp. 623–634 Full Text PDF

Comparison of Depth Super-Resolution Methods for 2D/3D Images
Benjamin Langmann, Klaus Hartmann and Otmar Loffeld
pp. 635–645 Full Text PDF

Continuous Preventive Diagnosis for Cardiovascular Diseases Based on Stochastic Modeling
Björn-Helge Busch and Ralph Welge
pp. 646–654 Full Text PDF

Enabling Mobile Customer Relationship Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Carolin Löffler, Johannes Kröckel and Michael Hettich
pp. 655–662 Full Text PDF

The Effect s of Sex and Internet Usage on Search Efficiency and Effectiveness
Manon Arcand, Jacques Nantel and Sylvain Sénécal
pp. 663–670 Full Text PDF

Qualitative Analysis of Discussion Forums
Breno Fabrício Terra Azevedo, Patricia Alejandra Behar and Eliseo Berni Reategui
pp. 671–678 Full Text PDF

Academic Practice in Aligning Curriculum and Technologies
Margot McNeill, Maree Gosper and John Hedberg
pp. 679–686 Full Text PDF

Tactile Interaction in an Ancient World on a Web Browser
Sylvester Arnab, Panagiotis Petridis, Ian Dunwell and Sara de Freitas
pp. 687–695 Full Text PDF

Implementing WordNet Personality Adjectives as Influences on Rational Agents
François Bouchet and Jean-Paul Sansonnet
pp. 696–705 Full Text PDF

Creating a Collaborative Environment for the Support and Management of Geographically Dispersed Educators
Tim Cappelli
pp. 706–712 Full Text PDF

Facebook Games: Between Social and Personal Aspects
Di Loreto Ines, Gouaich Abdelkader
pp. 713–723 Full Text PDF

A Scenes-Detection and Recommendation Method Using GPS Information Embedded Photographs from WWW
Hsien-Tsung Chang, Hao-Chen Wang
pp. 724–729 Full Text PDF

Extracting Test Cases by Using Data Mining; Reducing the Cost of Testing
Ali Ilkhani, Golnoosh Abaee
pp. 730–737 Full Text PDF

Prediction of Interest Rate using Generalized Neural Method
Sanjeev Kumar, D.K. Chaturvedi
pp. 738–745 Full Text PDF

Structure of Dictionary Entries of Bangla Morphemes for Universal Networking Language(UNL)
Muhammad Firoz Mridha, Kamruddin Md. Nur, Manoj Banik and Mohammad Nurul Huda
pp. 746–754 Full Text PDF

Functions of Prototyping in the Context of Digital Games Research
Stefan Werning
pp. 755–762 Full Text PDF

Service Configuration Item: Interaction-Based Framework for Service Description
Yung-Hsiu Lin, Rong-Rong Chen, Sophie Huey-Ming Guo, and Her-Kun Chang
pp. 763–770 Full Text PDF

Service-oriented and Agent-based Architecture Supporting Adaptable, Scenario-based and Context-aware Provision of Mobile e-Learning Services
Stanimir Stoyanov, Ivan Ganchev, Damyan Mitev, Vladimir Valkanov, Máirtín O’Droma
pp. 771–779 Full Text PDF

Integrating Knowledge of City Entities Extracted from DBpedia and GeoLite into the EKOSS Failure Cases Repository to Enhance Semantic Search Capabilities*
Weisen Guo and Steven B. Kraines
pp. 780–787 Full Text PDF

Location and Orientation Based Queries on Mobile Environments
Paulo Pombinho, Maria Beatriz Carmo, Ana Paula Afonso and Hugo Aguiar
pp. 788–795 Full Text PDF

A Linked Data compliant Framework for Dynamic and Web-scale Consumption of Web Services
Hong Qing Yu, Stefan Dietze, Carlos Pedrinaci and Dong Liu
pp. 796–803 Full Text PDF

Neural Networks and Low-Cost Optical Filters for Plant Segmentation
Floris De Smedt, Ive Billauws and Toon Goedemé
pp. 804–811 Full Text PDF

Recovering Color and Details of Clipped Image Regions
Elhanan Elboher and MichaelWerman
pp. 812–819 Full Text PDF

GPU-Aware Hybrid Terrain Rendering
Christian Dick,Jens Kruger and Rudiger Westermann
pp. 820–827 Full Text PDF

Information and Communication Technologies (Icts) and Citizen Participation: a Case Study Involving the Brazilian National Health Council
Daniela Favaro Garrossini, Ana Carolina Kalume Maranhão and Luis Fernando Ramos Molinaro
pp. 828–835 Full Text PDF

Effective Hyper-Spectral Image Segmentation Using Multi-scale Geometric Analysis
Ofer Levi1, Shaul Cohen1 and Ziv Mhabary
pp. 836–845 Full Text PDF

A Framework for Real-Time Scene Modelling based on Visual-Inertial Cues
Dominik Aufderheide and Werner Krybus
pp. 846–861 Full Text PDF

Towards a Flexible Context-aware Pervasive Alert Generation System
Alessandra Esposito , Luciano Tarricone and Marco Zappatore
pp. 862–869 Full Text PDF

ParaViewWeb: A Web Framework for 3D Visualization and Data Processing
Sebastien Jourdain, Utkarsh Ayachit and Berk Geveci
pp. 870–877 Full Text PDF

Using User Interaction to Model User Comprehension on the Web Navigation
Gustavo de la Cruz Martínez and Fernando Gamboa Rodríguez
pp. 878–885 Full Text PDF

The Effectiveness of a Web Based Office Ergonomics Training Intervention in Jamaica
Letitia Jacob and Alvaro Taveira
pp. 886–893 Full Text PDF

Exploring the Acquisition and Consumption Behaviour of Modern Recorded Music Consumers: Findings from a Finnish Interview Study
Markus Makkonen, Veikko Halttunen and Lauri Frank
pp. 894–904 Full Text PDF

Towards A Semantic World: Smart Objects In A Virtual World
Akihiro Eguchi and Craig Thompson
pp. 905–911 Full Text PDF

The Impacts of Wayfinding Affordance on User Experience in Virtual Worlds
Gilok Choi
pp. 912–923 Full Text PDF

Service Based System Monitoring Framework
Ajaya Kumar Tripathy and Manas Ranjan Patra
pp. 924–931 Full Text PDF